Best Bird Photos of 2019

Starting off the year right

I recently got into bird photography in May of 2019. I’ve always loved nature, and had done a summer internship involving breeding bird surveys but I didn’t fall in love with all things avian until this year. I’ve learned most of what I know on my own and through photography by taking pictures of all new birds and then going back and trying to ID each and every one of them. I still do this today.

I’m excited to present my best bird photos of 2019 and to begin the birding phase of this blog. Hope you enjoy!

A red-bellied woodpecker in my backyard
3 Musketeer Blue Jays claiming the feeder
The quintessential backyard bird: The American Robin
A white-throated sparrow you wouldn’t want to mess with
Juvenile Cooper’s Hawk after a failed hunting attempt a.k.a. one pissed off bird
Seeing double mourning doves
A Downy Woodpecker daydreaming about.. seeds?
The Magnificent Magnolia Warbler during the tail end of fall migration
Mockingbirds being mockingbirds
Red-Tailed hawk on the hunt for squirrel

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